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Night Gowns

An enduring flannel nightgown favourite. Easy to choose for gift-giving as it fits and suits most women. The simple round neckline is high enough for warmth without crowding the neck. Deep armholes guarantee comfort. Loose elastic at the wrist allows sleeves to be easily pushed up. Pulls on over the head, with ribbon ties or button at yoke front closing. Yokes, front and back, are doubled.

Gowns are sized by height. Choose either 5"2", 5'4", 5'6", 5'8", 5'10" or 6'. If you are 5'4" tall, for example, a 5"4" gown just touches the floor in bare feet. Once washed, the gown usually shrinks in length to rest on the top of the foot.

If you are in between, then choose the next height up. If you are 5'7", for example, we suggest the 5"8" gown. Sleeve length varies to suit gown length. One roomy size fits size 10 through 18. The pattern is exactly the same for the shortest and the tallest; all that changes is body length and sleeve length.

Nightgown circumference at waist level: 62 inches. At hem: 66 inches. At bust: fits up to 47" bust circumference.

Red gowns have red/green tartan ribbon ties. All others have a button closure or ribbon ties.


Any style of nightware can be ordered in any of the fabrics on the website. Please click here to contact Jayne for more details.

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