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Women's Nightshirt

A traditional flannel nightshirt, slightly tailored and based on an Edwardians man's shirt. 3-button front placket closing ends with a horizontal tab at 12 inches below collarbone. Gathers below the tab in front, and below the shoulder yoke in back, provide lots of space to move. Convertible collar with piping may be worn closed for warmth, or open. Straight, drop-shouldered sleeve ends in loose no-button cuff. Some colours have contrast, coordinating collars, or piping.

One roomy size fits size 10 through 18. Nightshirt fits more loosely in the bust area than the nightgown. This style is exceptionally comfortable and is ideal for pregnant and new mothers. One length only: on a person 5'6" tall, shirt is ankle length.

Centre back length: 54 inches. Shirt circumference at hips: 68 inches. At hem: 70 inches. Please take into account that there will be approximately 2 inches of lengthwise gown body shrinkage after washing, and a smaller amount of width-wise shrinkage.


Any style of nightware can be ordered in any of the fabrics on the website. Please click here to contact Jayne for more details.

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